"Body-City-Mechanism" at island6, Shanghai "Ruby Roxy Rhino Rouge Rock Hong Kong!" at Studio Rouge, Hong Kong "Ooh La La!" at Studio Rouge, The Bund "30 Degrees" "To Get Rich is Glorious" "Ruby, Roxy and the Flaming Lamborghini" at Studio Rouge Gallery
"Nordic Vibe" by Liu Dao

George Michell

George Michell is an Australia-Eurasian curator who has spent over thirty years living and working in china. He established studio rouge at the Bund, Shanghai’s “Golden Mile”, in 2004. It was one of the first galleries with an international profile in Shanghai and primarily presents outstanding Chinese contemporary art that is fresh, innovative, and a relevant reflection of social change in china. In 2008 he opened a second studio rouge in Shanghai’s Moganshan Lu compound and has included Liu Dao 六岛 in many exhibitions since 2008, including "To Get Rich is Glorious" and "30 Degrees", the latter being held in the island6 space in 2009. Since then, studio rouge and the island6 art collective (六岛) have maintained a close relationship of mutual respect and support. In 2011, George featured one of island6's interactive pieces, "Nordic Vibe", in his latest show "Ruby, Roxy and the Flaming Lamborghini" which showcases Chinese and international artists working in canvas, paper, glass, LED and photography on the theme of the color red.

In spring 2013 island6 holds its first solo exhibition Body-City-Mechanism at studio rouge M50. This marks the beginning of an exclusive six-months cooperation between island6 and studio rouge: island6 ShGarden at studio rouge m50. In September of 2012, Michell expanded Studio Rouge to its third exhibition space: Studio Rouge Hong Kong on the busting Hollywood Road arts district. Liu Dao was once again included in their inaugural exhibition "Ruby, Roxy, Rhino, Rouge Hong Kong", a sequel to Shanghai's successful "Ruby, Roxy and the Flaming Lamborghini" where the scintillating "Nordic Vibe" and "Anthology of Labia" made their Hong Kong debut.

In the Spring of 2013, island6 held its first solo exhibition Body-City-Mechanism at Studio Rouge m50, marking the beginning of an exclusive six-month cooperation between island6 and studio rouge:island6 ShGarden at studio rouge m50.
After 10 years in Shanghai and with close of 2013, Michell made the decision to focus his curatorial efforts on his Hong Kong location, hosting monthly exhibitions that continue to showcase his fresh and innovative eye for the contemporary artists of Hong Kong and China.

George Michell

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