"Prophecies" "Electric Shanghai" Rose Tang "Garden of Autumn Vapours at Red Gate Gallery" "Absolute Zero" "Psychic Apparatus"
"We dream in order to forget" by Liu Dao "I was their Queen" by Liu Dao "Rise of the Phoenix" by Liu Dao "Bund Queueing" by Liu Dao "Canidrome" by Liu Dao "July in Hangzhou" by Liu Dao
"Rickshaw Going By" by Liu Dao "Smoking Bund" by Liu Dao "Hongkou Flashers" by Liu Dao "City Maker" by Liu Dao "Before The Storm" by Liu Dao "Rusted" by Liu Dao
"Himavanta" by Liu Dao "Evening" by Liu Dao "May 1st - Representation of Working Class" by Liu Dao "Forbidden City" by Liu Dao "Kinnara" by Liu Dao "Afternoon" by Liu Dao
"Laughing Fit" by Liu Dao "Bird of the South" by Liu Dao "Sightseeing" by Liu Dao "Outlaws" by Liu Dao "Voodoo Warm Up" by Liu Dao "What Must I Do to Tame You -Not" by Liu Dao
"Roll Down Your Window" by Liu Dao "517 517" by Liu Dao "The Utterly Immaterial Existence of Creatures that Aren't Us" by Liu Dao "Big Sister" by Liu Dao "Red Bean Lollipop" by Liu Dao "Nvwa" by Liu Dao
"Vivian Darkbloom" by Liu Dao "Sanya Vibe" by Liu Dao Liu Dao Liu Dao Liu Dao "Gimp" by Liu Dao
"Cherry Blossom" by Liu Dao "Slurp" by Liu Dao Liu Dao "Chai" by Liu Dao "Shanghai Itch (Painting)" by Liu Dao

Pete Bradt

Pete Bradt (b. Cincinnati 1985) was Chief Editor(volunteer) of island6 Arts Center from 2010 to 2011. He is a graduate of Winchester College, UK, and has degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in Film Studies and English.

As Editor, he compiled research for the in-house collective Liu Dao on information relevant to exhibitions such as Libido Mortido and Psychic Apparatus, organized written content from external writers for reviews, and provided in-depth interviews and descriptions for magazines and websites, including Time Out Shanghai and Saatchi Online. He was a Creative Director for island6, using his film and literary conceptual background to help form ideas for Liu Dao and visiting artists. He was the co-curator for the exhibitions Absolute 0:00 and Prophecies, supervising the creation of artworks and installations, and authoring the artistic essays that serve as the bases for the exhibitions.

Pete Bradt was also Public Relations Manager for island6 Arts Center and Liu Dao, serving as international representative to Thailand, Hong Kong and South Korea. He maintained communication with galleries and artists around the world and provided promotion for the young, upcoming artists of Liu Dao.

All of Pete's past tasks have been part of his role as International Correspondent for island6: he is our liaison to the world outside of China. His regular stints in China have been a learning experience, helping him better represent Liu Dao's distinctly Chinese character.

Pete Bradt
pete [arroba] island6.org

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