An overcast sky and chilly wind did not get in the way of island6’s feline-fatale.

On Oct 27th, island6 opened its 50th in-house exhibition, featuring several scaled, winged and furred friends. The Cat that Eats Diodes was a soft, cheeky exploration of digital-meets-natural, and showcased the collective’s signature LED animations, Chinese papercutting, stainless steel sculpture, as well as new video art and several interactive pieces. Our new pieces included bubble-eyed goldfish bobbing about in old-school Chinese magnifying glasses, a trifecta of rice-paper-and-steel towers, proximity-sensor-activated mirrors, a light-sensitive mewing canvas and a giant fluorescent diode-inspired oil painting.

Guests started trickling in a couple of hours before doors officially opened, and many lingered long after the event was supposed to be over. We’d like to think it was the awesome artwork, but maybe the flowing Spanish cava and piping hot springrolls had something to do with it as well. And because it was Halloween weekend, we handed out cute felt cat’s ears to many lucky gals and a few plucky guys.

island6 would like to thank – from the bottom of our spotted livers – all friends and fans who graced the event and made it a night to remember. For those of you who weren’t able to join us, take a gander at our photos, and you can still come by to our gallery any day of the week, 10am to 7pm, to check out the show.


Plus! Hong Kongers, stick this in your pipes and take a deep, deep breath – The Cat that Eats Diodes is travelling to Hong Kong next weekend to open on Nov 10th! Expect feathers, fins, fur, and a whole lot of fun.

The Cat that Eats Diodes

island6 Hong Kong

Vernissage: Nov 10th, 5-8pm

Sponsor: Abbelio Wines

Dress code: Absolutely Beastly

See you there at island6 Hong Kong’s 2nd in-house show!