For our animal-themed exhibition The Cat that Eats Diodes, island6 has been cavorting with beasts great and small. Here’s a photo montage of our dog/ cat/ rabbit/ fish-whispering efforts. For the more sensitive-souled amongst us, please do not be alarmed. No animals were (permanently) harmed in the making of these artworks.

Land, sea and air were represented in our shoots, but we decided to start our ventures on solid ground first. The first four-legged buddy that strolled through our doors was Snickers, the meltingly adorable Caniche poodle. (His human companion Kevin wasn’t too bad either, really.)

Sitting pretty

The little cowboy

He's tiny, but he gets it

Here comes trouble


Treats, anyone?

We heartlessly put little Snickers through his paces, and by the end of his 2 hour shoot, the tiny guy was exhausted (albeit well-fed, having been coaxed into action with plenty of snacks) and us humans had on our hands several lengths of beautiful footage.

Other glorious mammals that came our way:

Gorgeous Cupcake and her far less attractive human

Xi Xi walks like an Egyptian

Xi Xi clings on for dear life

Chic-huahua and his lovely missus

Qi, the Qi-huahua

And the Chi-cken

That more or less does it for our land animals. Till next time: island6 takes to the air and dives into the depths of the ocean (well, fish tank, really).