The laser has come a long way from throwback days where lasers were seen to be icons of the future.  
Forever immortalised in popular culture, from the laser beams of Star Trek to the Lightsabres of Star Wars, the reality of the laser in modern times certainly fell short of expectations, but it does range from impressive light shows to cheesy nightclub decoration.
Powerful laser projectors can turn the side of a building into a dynamic art piece, as this picture shows.
It definitely is not the death rays Hollywood once promised us, so Liu Dao works seek to have a new use for the “Retro” laser. Yes, technology moves at such a quickened pace that what was once seen as the futures brightest gaffe is now a children’s toy…or maybe even an artwork. 
The heart of Liu Dao’s laser artwork makes you question your perception of reality. Just as the phenomenon of light illusion makes us see the world as it is, is this world based on what you can see or what you can touch? What if neither is really there? Maybe it’s all just a trick of a laser light…