"Hybrid" by Honda at island6 Shanghai Gallery "Silk to Bitcoin" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "Geek is the new Chic" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "I Really Don't Want to" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "Through The Wormhole" at island6 Shanghai "Temporal Visions" at island6 Shanghai
"The Art of Wu Wei" at island6 Shanghai "Body-City-Mechanism" at island6, Shanghai "Need. Want. Hunt." at island6, Shanghai "The Cat That Eats Diodes" at island6, Hong Kong "The Secret Collection of Yüan Meng Ch'ien" at island6 Shanghai "island of Oddities: The  Yüan Meng Ch'ien Collection" at island6 Shanghai
"Them that Glide Past Our Windows" "The island Of Oddities" at island6 Shanghai "Across the Waibaidu" at island6 Arts Center, Shanghai "Goddamned Shanghai" "Far Beyond the Firewall" "Everyday Frenzies" at island6 in Shanghai


island6 is an artist-founded, artist-run "art first" philanthropic project founded by artists, managed by voluntary staff and based in Shanghai with a production site and an adjoining gallery for the cutting-edge, new media artwork of the Liu Dao art collective in Shanghai. The production studio is equipped for all manner of artistic creation – from traditional Chinese papercutting to interactive video animation – while the spacious gallery is used for thematic exhibitions. Every "art forward" island6 exhibition is the product of multi-disciplined, collaborative in-house workshops.

The history of the center dates back to 2006, when it was founded by Thomas Charvériat in a rehabilitated flour mill warehouse on Moganshan Road. Since then, it has occupied various locations and has set up partnerships with several galleries in Beijing, Hong Kong, Paris, Bangkok, Singapore and New York. The Liu Dao collective primarily creates LED artworks, interactive installations, photography, video art and sculptures. Liu Dao explores the cultural potential of the convergence of art, technology and science, and promotes cross-cultural dialogue through their unique collaborative philosophy.

island6 is run by the island6 art collective, Liu Dao 六岛, as well as a team of  volunteers, researchers and interns.

50 Moganshan Lu, Bld 6, 2F
Shanghai 200060, P.R.C
(near Changhua Lu and Xi Suzhou Lu, behind Aomen Lu)
六岛, 莫干山路50号6号楼2楼 (近昌化路和西苏州路)
Telephone: +86 (0)21 6227 7856
Email: contact[arroba]island6.org

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island6 & The Fou Foong Flour Mill
island6 was first established on Moganshan road number 120, in the Fou Foong Flour Mill, a four-storey red brick building designed in 1897 by the British architectural firm Dallas & Atkinson. The Fou Foong Flour Mill was founded by Mr. Sun Duoxin and his brother Mr. Sun Duosen (from Anhui province) who made it the largest and most advanced mill of Asia of the late nineteenth century by being the first ones to import American machinery and by offering its 2,000 employees the benefits of an hospital and two on-site school. [Earnshaw Graham, Tales of Old Shanghai]
Its success attracted many other entrepreneurs, resulting in the creation of 16 more mills and the base for China's modern milling industry. Later it was purchased by Rong Yiren, Vice-President of the People's Republic of China from 1993 to 1998 and onetime business tycoon. In 2002, the Fou Foong Flour Mill complex was sold to a real estate developer, most of the silos were demolished and the "small packaged flour" warehouse were stood island6 was facing imminent demolition. The remnant of Suzhou Creek’s industry was fought by architects and university professors, and island6 became historical heritage architecture. In 2006, the warehouse was rented out to Thomas Charvériat, Margherita Salmaso, Zheng Guoyang and Kang Jingfang who were responsible for the foundation of the first island6. On April 1st 2006, “Invisible Layers, Electric Cities” the first art exhibition organized by island6 (and curated by Allard van Hoorn & Margherita Salmaso) opened its door. In June 2008, facing imminent eviction by real estate developer, island6 moved to Moganshan number 50.
island6 & M50
Established in 2006 in m50 (located at 31.247841°N 121.449316°E), the new island6 space was founded towards the promotion of emerging and prominent Chinese and international artists. The m50 district is found at the heart of the former Shanghai Chunming Roving Factory. Located on the southern bank of the Suzhou River, m50 art district was once called the Xinhe Spinning Mill, belonging to the Zhou-family and supplied merchants from Anhui province with cotton and textile. In 1994 the enterprise was renamed Shanghai Chunming Woolen Mill. Following a series of exhibitions, the converted space, designed by French architect Philippe Diani and dressed with furniture by Aymeric Lefort, has undergone complete renovations. On August 2008, the space was once again rehabilated by Taiwanese architects Zheng Guoyang and Kang Jingfang.

"On Doing Laundry" at island6 Shanghai Gallery
On Doing Laundry:
The Idiot’s Guide to Undertaking Naughty Deeds and Getting Away with it

不洗更健康: 如何毫无顾忌地使坏之傻瓜指南
DATES From January 31st to April 22nd 2015
VERNISSAGE Saturday, 31st of January, 2015, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm
CURATION Ryan Nimmo & Kathleen McCampbell
ART DIRECTION Thomas Charvériat
SCENOGRAPHY Jean Le Guyader, Anto Lau
RESEARCH Fred Farrow, Andrea Nardini, Jiang Linping 江琳萍, Lin Zang 臧琳
ART RESEARCH Jin Yun 金云, Tang Dashi 汤大师 & He Dashi 贺大师
COORDINATION Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁, Adam Hsieh 谢昕
MUSIC Pan Daijing 潘岱静
VENUE island6, 50 Moganshan Road, building #6, 2F, Shanghai 200060, PRC

island6 art collective (Liu Dao 六岛)


Are you generally tired of airing out your dirty laundry and coming clean for things you’ve done wrong? Do you sometimes contemplate committing awful acts but are held at bay by some deep-seeded pang of discomfort. If so, Liu Dao invites you to explore the possibility of remaining dirty in On Doing Laundry: The Idiot’s Guide to Undertaking Naughty Deeds and Getting Away With It; a written and visual how-to guide for the common person seeking to cause any amount of trouble, large or small, in the lives of others. Come learn why heartbreak and genocide have a lot in common, and, more importantly, why you shouldn’t care about either. (read more >>>)

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island6 is a philanthropic project founded by artists and managed by voluntary staff. The spirit & driving force behind all of island6's works and art-forward exhibitions is collaboration.
六岛是由艺术家自发创立, 由志愿者管理的公益艺术机构。其精神是为艺术家提供平台并支持各项协作项目。