"Medina 50" at island6 Shanghai Gallery "Body-City-Mechanism" at island6, Shanghai "Fish And Chips" by Liu Dao "Flight Of Fancy" by Liu Dao "Dolly's Desire" by Liu Dao "Reliquary" by Liu Dao
"Burn Baby Burn" by Liu Dao "I Will Love You Forever" by Liu Dao "Winged Requests" by Liu Dao "Hanging Out For The Summer Sun" by Liu Dao


Inside the towering metropolis of Shanghai is an oasis buried in the heart of Moganshan Lu…

2013 has seen a consistent theme in island6’s exhibitions and artworks thus far. Jian Zhi 剪紙 tree’s are haunting the backgrounds of LED illuminations and given the themes of A Garden Beneath The StreetlightsBody-City-Mechanism and the upcoming Beijing exhibition of Metropolis Rises, it seems nature has been on our mind as of late.

In another coupling of nature and technology we bring to you the island6: Shanghai Garden. This concept space and garden sanctuary asks you to ponder the ideologies behind two opposing driving forces of the city. Nature vs. Technology, is it possible to have the two side by side? Well as a technologically inspired artist collective who takes a lot of their influence from nature, we think so.

In a partnership between Studio Rouge and island6, Liu Dao has set up their Shanghai Garden at Studio Rouge M50. The inaugural garden party coincided with our vernissage of the Body-City-Mechanism exhibition, which opened on the 25th of April in 2013. The garden was illuminated with blue lanterns as people lounged on chairs and enjoyed several hookah pipes to the musical styling’s of The Jokers. It was a grand party and there will be more to come!
Whilst all the cogs of the city kept pumping, and the masses scurried about amongst the feet of skyscrapers, no one noticed the breathing of the green bushes in the corner… Ready to reclaim what was once theirs…

island6 garden at studio rouge m50
50 Moganshan Lu, Bld 7, G/F
Shanghai 200060, P.R.C
(near Changhua Lu and Xi Suzhou Lu, behind Aomen Lu)

"Body-City-Mechanism" at island6, Shanghai
DATES From 25 April to 28 June 2013
VERNISSAGE Thursday April 25, 7-9 pm
CURATION Margaret Johnson
SCENOGRAPHY Jean Le Guyader, Fabrice Amzel
ART DIRECTION Thomas Charvériat, Nick Hersey
RESEARCH Guan Yan 官彦, Nick Mithen, Cecilia Garcia, Melani Murkovic
MUSIC David Keohane (mp3)
VIDEO Video Documentation by Fabrice Amzel with a soundtrack by David Keohane
COORDINATION Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁

Pieroth Wine

VENUE island6, 50 Moganshan Road, building #6, 2F, Shanghai 200060, PRC

island6 art collective (Liu Dao 六岛)


The Liu Dao collective has always been fascinated with the ability of technology to come alive, to move and to interact with a lively vigor. And with its fingers firmly on the pulse of Shanghai, island6’s newest exhibition, Body-City-Mechanism, explores not only the vital signs of our city but the ability of it to take a life, and perhaps a personality, of its own. (read more >>>)

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